Sunset on the Zambezi, A. Kinzig


Eco Services Group

Tracie Lorenzo

Theresa is a PhD student in the Biology and Society program. With an academic background in science and professional experience in environmental policy and management, Theresa was drawn to ASUís Biology and Society program and the 4E track for their strong emphasis on interdisciplinary research and the wide range of expertise available in ecology and environmental economics. Her broad research interests are water allocation and watershed protection, conservation, and management related to climate change adaptation.

Theresa finished her Bachelorís degree in Environmental Science at Ateneo de Manila University in the Philippines, and her Masterís degree in Natural Resource Sciences with a specialization in Hydrologic Sciences at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. At ASU, she looks forward to further develop her understanding of environmental economics and policy to complement her scientific background. In the future, Theresa hopes to contribute to water management research and policies in the Philippines.