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David Shanafelt

David Shanafelt is a Biology Ph.D. student in the School of Life Sciences working under Charles Perrings. HIs research broadly focuses on the ecological and economic consequences of species spread and dispersal, and the bioeconomic analysis of invasive species management. Currently he is involved in two projects: 1) modelling the effects of human harvest decisions that depend on people's preferences for consumptive versus non-consumptive uses and 2) evaluating disease spread estimators.

David received his M.A. in Biology from Arizona State University in 2012, and graduated from Austin College with a B.A. in Biology in 2009.


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Richards, T.J., Shanafelt, D.W., Fenichel, E.P. 2013. Foreclosures and invasive insect spread: The case of the Asian citrus psyllid. American Journal of Agricultural Economics. 96(3):615-630