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Michelle Sullivan

Michelle is a Biology and Society Ph.D student, mentored by Ben Minteer. At the University of Iowa, she completed her degree in Evolutionary Biology and both conducted research on the evolution and maintenance of sexual reproduction. Having always had an interest in and aptitude for biology and environmental science, Michelle dreamed of pursuing a Ph.D. in biology and a career in laboratory research. Field and education experience, however, led her to discover that her real passion exists at the intersection of science and society. In her experience, she often encountered gaps in communication and understanding. Approaching work at this interface will challenge her to reach beyond her scientific expertise and connect to people interested in, involved in, and affected by environmental research. The Biology and Society program not only allows, but also encourages this type of cross-discipline investigation and it was this attitude that drew her to attend Arizona State University. Michelle is excited by the opportunity to develop her understanding of environmental politics, law, and economics, allowing her to push the boundaries of her basic scientific knowledge base. Michelle is on the 4E track (Ecology, Economics, and Ethics of the Environment) and intends to focus her studies on conservation ethics, in addition to pursuing her interest in communicating science to the public.