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Eco Services Group

James Yoo

James Yoo’s research interest includes spatial econometrics, environmental and resource economics, and non-market valuation, and hedonic pricing method. In particular, he research focuses methodological improvements of hedonic price method and derivation of consumer’s willingness-to-pay using advanced discrete choice methods. In September, 2011, he joined ecoSERVICES group as a postdoctoral researcher to work on TRIF project. He received his B.S in Economics from Sungkyunkwan University in 2002, M.S in Economics from Northern Illinois University, and Ph.D in environmental and resource economics from Pennsylvania State University in 2011.

Working Papers

James Yoo and Richard C. Ready, 2011.Do Pennsylvania Residents have a varying preference over Different Types of Renewable Energy Technology?

James Yoo and Richard C. Ready, 2011.The Heterogeneity of Individual Willingness-to- Pay for the Development of Renewable Energy Technology

James Yoo and Richard C. Ready, 2011.A New Spatial Hedonic Method: The Impact of Agricultural Conservation Easements on Nearby Property Prices in Chester and York Counties